Northern California Taco Trail Challenge


Welcome to the Northern California Taco Trail Challenge!

How does it work???

1. Rent a vehicle from us!

2. Visit each establishment on the Taco Trail

3. Take a selfie with your food and establishment in the background.


4. Post that photo on your Facebook or Instagram page and tag our Facebook and/or Instagram page (see our Home page for the links) and each establishment.

5. Provide receipts upon return of the vehicle.

6. Receive a 20% refund on your trip or credit towards a future trip!

How fun, right???

Now for the fine print...typed in a font you can read:

Offer valid January 01, 2021 to October 31, 2021

Delivery not available, you must drive or tow.

Fifth wheel excluded from the challenge.

Rolling Retreats is not responsible for hours of operation of selected establishments.

If establishment is no longer in business when you worries...find another Taco Dealer within a 10 mile radius and repeat steps 2-5 as mentioned above (fast food/chain restaurants and establishments, private residence, food trucks, campground restaurants are excluded).

Maximum length of trip is 28 nights.

Challenge must be completed in one reservation.

Good safe...and have fun!!!