Towing Requirements

Due to state law, all tow vehicles must be equipped with an electric brake controller.  Please verify that your vehicle is equipped with one before booking.  You will not be able to tow without it.

A 7 pin connector is required for the trailer cord to plug into your tow vehicle.  

We supply the hitch with sway control.  Depending on your vehicle type and suspension, we will also supply a weight distribution hitch.  Your tow vehicle will need a Class 3 (or better) receiver (2" square).

Please advise if your tow vehicle has a lift or lowering kit.  This will require some adjustments to the hitch package.

Please advise if your tow vehicle has a unibody frame (check the manufacturer specifications).  This does not mean you can't tow a trailer, it just means that a weight distribution hitch cannot be used.

Unibody frames are usually SUVs.

Verify with your manufacturer the tow rating of your vehicle.  

Last but not least...if you have a question, feel free to ask.  We will help you out with any towing related questions that you have.

Typical aftermarket brake controller

Typical manufacturer brake controller

Typical 7 pin connector

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